how to secure your RV surge protector

How to Secure Your RV Surge Protector: 6 Security Measures

RV surge protectors are a vital part of any RVer’s toolkit. They provide protection from voltage spikes and surges that can damage RV appliances and electronics. Unfortunately, they are also a prime target for thieves. As an RV owner, you must be aware of the risk of theft when leaving it unattended.

If you want to know how to secure your RV surge protector, keep reading. We’ll explore various ways to keep it locked so no one can steal it.

How to Secure Your RV Surge Protector

Since portable surge protectors stay outside of the trailer, it’s easy for opportunistic thieves to snatch them. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. If you’re worried about how to keep an RV surge protector from getting stolen, here are a few protective measures to take:

1. Park the RV in a well-lit area

Well, it may not sound like a proper security measure, but it works wonders in deterring potential criminals.

Thieves always look for an easy target, and they’re more likely to go for a trailer in a dark, secluded spot. But if your rig is in a well-lit area, it’s much less likely to be targeted.

Pilferers don’t want to be seen, and a well-lit area makes it more likely they’ll be caught.

2. Tie with a bicycle chain and padlock

A bicycle chain and padlock seem to be the most suitable option if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to secure the surge protector.

It’ll make it difficult for thieves to steal it without breaking the chain or damaging the device. So, they are unlikely to try it because of the inconvenience and risk involved.

how to keep rv surge protector from getting stolen
A chain and lock provide the best protection.

Wrap the chain around the electrical post, and then run it around the surge protector’s chord using its two open ends. Finally, lock the chain by putting the padlock through the chain links.

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3. Protect with a cable lock

Worried about how to secure your RV surge protector? A cable lock is possibly a good option.

While it’s cheap, a burglar has to use a bolt cutter to cut it down. It’s unlikely that they will go to this length to steal a surge protector.
Choose weatherproof cable locks, possibly those made of steel, so they don’t catch rust or other damage in outside conditions.

Wrap the cable around the power outlet and surge protector’s chord. Create a tight loop, so there should not be any space to loosen it up. Use two cables to tie up the top and bottom parts of the surge protector.

4. Use a ball plug lock

A ball plug lock could create an extra layer of protection in addition to a cable lock or bicycle chain.

The paddock that comes with it is not very robust. So, you should purchase a high-quality padlock to strengthen your security.

That being said, anyone can easily smash a ball plug lock. But when you use it with a chain or cable lock, opportunist burglars won’t go to the length of breaking two safety accessories.

5. Use a lockbox

How to lock your RV surge protector? A lockbox is an answer. Some surge protectors may come with it, or you can purchase one separately.

Keep the protector inside the lockbox, then lock it up with a key. In that case, stealing the protector will require the thief to dismantle the whole lockbox. No one will take that risk because pulling apart the entire thing will create plenty of noise.

The lockbox may come with a padlock. However, you should replace this one with a high-quality padlock for better security.

A lockbox only protects the bottom half of the surge protector. So, you still need to use a chain or cable lock for the upper half.

how to lock your rv surge protector
Always use two or more security measures. Photo: Crazy Family Adventure

6. Install a security camera

It may sound overkill, but a security camera works wonders in deterring thieves. You may install one for the overall security of your RV and extend the coverage to watch over the surge protector.

A security camera will help you monitor the area around your RV and identify any potential thieves. If you notice someone suspicious lurking around the rig, you can easily capture their image and send it to the police or campsite authority for further investigation.

Not only will this help protect your surge protector from theft, but it will also keep you worry-free. You can sleep better knowing you’re doing everything possible to keep yourself and your property safe.


So, if you are worried about how to secure your RV surge protector, there are multiple steps you can take. Combining two or more security measures will effectively thwart almost all possible break-in attempts by thieves. Just don’t give the opportunist burglars an easy target, and you will be fine.

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