How to keep rv refrigerator door closed while traveling

How to Keep RV Refrigerator Door Closed While Traveling: 5 Methods

Many RVers have experienced this. You’re traveling in your RV and everything is looking nice and in order, when suddenly you hear a loud BANG from the kitchen. It’s the fridge door again! You peek back and sure enough, it’s wide open now. All those snacks and drinks you packed are rolling around, making a mess. Talk about a fast way to ruin a nice road trip. 

How to keep RV refrigerator door closed while traveling? We’ll share some methods that will keep it shut no matter how many bumps and turns you hit. RVers have come up with these creative solutions over the years. So, let’s find out how to keep freezer door shut. 

How to Keep RV Refrigerator Door Closed While Traveling

How to stop a refrigerator door from swinging open? Well, it doesn’t mean spending a fortune. Sometimes, the simplest hacks do the trick best. Check out these cheap and easy ways for how to keep RV refrigerator door closed while traveling

Velcro Straps

Looking for a really inexpensive way of how to keep refrigerator door closed? The good old Velcro straps are the best solution. 

Take two medium-sized hook-and-loop fastener strips with adhesive backing. Clean the fridge surfaces where you plan to apply them, which will be the side panel and the door edge. Measure to ensure the Velcro straps are slightly longer than the distance you want them to cover. Mark the spots where you want to secure the strips.

Cut the sticky side of the straps into two pieces and place them on the marked spots. Now, attach one end of the other side of the strap to the side panel and the other end to the fridge door. Make it tighter or looser as you like. 

Test that your fridge door can’t pop open, even over big bumps. This hack creates a snug seal that can withstand plenty of miles down the road. And velcro is cheap to replace when it loses stick.

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Duck Tape

Is there any more budget-friendly solution for how to keep RV refrigerator door closed while traveling? Yes, there are! You can use plain duct tapes to solve this annoying problem. 

We like to take a long strip of the duct tape and run it diagonally across the fridge door to the side panel. Use another strip to create an X shape. Press it down real good so it gets a nice sticky seal.

Cut off the excess tape hanging over with a pair of scissors. This X pattern helps distribute the tape across the whole door for maximum holding power. It may be a pain to get off later, but it prevents the fridge door bouncing open and making a mess in transit.

Bungee Cord

How to keep RV refrigerator door closed while traveling for larger RV refrigerators, like those with French doors? You’ll need a strong locking system to keep the doors safely closed on bumpy roads. A bungee cord with cable clamps does the trick nicely. 

Your first step is to find a clean spot on the fridge frame and door where you can attach the clamps. These areas must line up when the door is closed. Then use a hand drill or screwdriver to securely screw on the clamps. Be very careful not to drill too deep and damage any internal components.

Once the clamps are on, simply hook one end of the bungee cord to each clamp. We like using bungees because you can pick the perfect length for a snug fit. Just don’t over-tighten, as you still need to open the fridge easily. 

This homebuilt “lock” system works great and is much more heavy-duty than Velcro straps alone. Also, it leaves the fridge door looking clean without bulky locks taking up space. 

Door Latch or Kid Safety Locks

A simple way to prevent the RV fridge door swinging open and banging around while traveling is by using a door latch or fridge lock. These latches hook onto the inside of the fridge door frame to keep it from opening too far. That way if you hit a bump, the door doesn’t go flying open and spill everything.

Door latches are pretty easy to install yourself. Just match up the latch part that attaches to the door with the place it hooks onto the frame. Then follow the instructions to lock it in place. 

Some people even use kid safety strap locks, which don’t require any installation at all. When the side by side freezer door pops open, you can use these strap locks to keep it shut. 

Clean the Gasket

If you don’t want to buy anything and are not interested in drilling holes into your fridge, try this method. A good cleaning of the gasket can possibly solve the issue of fridge doors popping open on the road. 

Over time, dirt and grime can build up on the gasket that lines the fridge door. This gasket acts like a seal, keeping cold air inside when the door is closed. But if it gets dirty, the gasket won’t form a tight seal against the door edge.

Luckily, giving it a good clean is an easy fix. Dampen a microfiber cloth with soapy water and gently wipe it along all parts of the gasket. Do this a few times to remove any deeply embedded dirt. A squeaky clean gasket works better than a gunky one.

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We follow up with a thin coating of petroleum jelly rubbed lightly into the rubber. This helps condition the material so it stays flexible. A supple gasket conforms better to the door frame when closed. 

On bumpy rides down the highway, that tight seal ensures your food stays cold inside the fridge. With basic cleaning and conditioning, you can help your RV refrigerator door stay securely shut even on long road trips.


All of these methods work pretty well for keeping your rig’s fridge door shut on bumpy roads. Pick the option that suits your needs and budget the best. It will be a small investment for one less thing to stress about.

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