how to install a flat screen TV in an RV

How to Install a Flat Screen TV In an RV

If you want to upgrade your RV’s entertainment system but are unsure where to start, this guide is for you. We’ll cover the basics of how to install a flat screen TV in an RV, from planning the installation to setting up the TV and connecting it to your rig’s entertainment system.

We’ll also provide tips on choosing a suitable TV and discuss some options for mounting TV on RV wall. So if you’re considering adding a flat screen TV to your RV, read on for all the necessary information.

How to Choose a Flat Screen TV for Your Trailer

This is the most important thing you should consider before learning how to install TV in RV. For a long-lasting and compatible television in your camper trailer, you must consider the following factors:


RVs are meant to move around. And if you often drive on bumpy roads, choose a TV built with strengthened internal parts. These units can withstand shock and vibrations like a champion.

Watching TV in an RV during the daytime could be a problem if you do not have blackout curtains in the windows. In that case, purchase a model that has an anti-screen glare finish.

Power Consumption

Camping has some limitations, and power supply is one of them. Since the battery power is limited, you should always use energy-efficient appliances.

So, choose a TV that does not consume much power. A 12V model could be convenient because it draws less power and has a plug-and-play option.

mounting tv on rv wall
Choose a TV that consumes less power. Photo: VEHQ


You are most likely to mount the TV on a wall, and a trailer’s wall studs or plywood beams may not be strong enough to support a heavy unit. The safest option will be to pick a lightweight flat screen TV.

How to Install a Flat Screen TV In an RV

There are a couple of methods for installing flat screen TV in RV. It’s convenient to use an existing TV box. If your rig does not have that, don’t worry. We’ll also discuss how to mount an RV TV on the wall and under the cabinet.

Let’s talk about the three most common systems for how to install a flat screen TV in an RV:

Installing In an Existing TV Box

Let’s follow these steps for using the TV box for installing the new one.

  • Remove the old tube TV from the built-in TV box.
  • Measure the depth needed for the new wall mount placement inside the TV box. With the help of a stud finder (if required), mark the point with a pencil. Add 1.63 inches as your starting measurement and mark accordingly on the top and bottom of the box’s sidewalls.
  • Measure the height of your TV box. Following the measured length, cut two pieces of plywood 2 by 4. These two pieces will be the vertical support for the box’s horizontal supports.
  • To install the two vertical supports, use 2.5 to 3-inch wood screws on each side of the TV box. Use at least four per mount. You can connect the vertical and horizontal support with a strong L bracket. It will offer additional support.
  • Attach the horizontal supports according to the pre-measured height for the TV. Use a minimum of eight three-inch screws to screw each end. To avoid damaging the wood, make sure to pre-drill these supports.
  • After measuring the center of the horizontal beams, mark their location to attach the TV wall mount. If your wall mount model needs three bolts for support, place the two ends with two bolts on top.
  • Use a ¼-inch drill bit to pre-drill holes for the wall mount bolts. Now, install the TV mount by following the user’s manual instructions.
  • Affix the TV to the mount. If it’s a large TV, install two side brackets on the opposite ends to keep it in place. You will need ½ by 1-inch wood parts for each bracket, a bracer to extend the brackets, and a ¼-inch heavy-duty screw.

RV TV Wall Mount Installation

Before starting the installation, you must find a suitable location on an RV wall. Now, follow these procedures:

  • Use a stud finder to locate wall studs and mark the place using tape or pencil.
  • Use an appropriate-sized masonry bit to drill the pilot holes for the mounting screw.
  • Affix the mounting brackets to the wall. The necessary hardware should be included with the mount.
  • Attach the mounting plate to the TV back and then connect the mounting plate to the TV mount.
  • Connect the TV to the RVs antenna or satellite dish to receive a signal.
how to mount an rv tv on the wall
A wall-mounted RV TV. Photo: CS Ginger

Under-cabinet TV Installation

How to install a flat screen TV in an RV in a simple way? Choose the under-cabinet installation method!

The mount comes with an instruction manual. You must follow the instructions and screw the kit into the designated place under the cabinet.

Lastly, secure the TV to the mount, and you are done.


Installing a flat screen TV in an RV can be daunting, but following the steps outlined in this blog will make the process a breeze. By carefully reading through the different methods, you can choose the one that’s best suited for your trailer model.

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